The world’s first on-demand affiliate network.

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International Coverage

By joining the Dashride affiliate network, you connect your customers to providers anywhere in the world, while maintaining your brand loyalty.

Automatic Farm In and Out

Maximize your affiliate work by automatically farming out rides when your drivers are busy, and receiving jobs during down times.

Revenue Sharing

With Dashride’s growing list of partners, you can make money by sharing reservations with other providers on the network.

The One Platform
You’ve Been Waiting for

Dashride Connect is a platform-agnostic tool for affiliate work.
Your affiliates can use the free Connect portal to exchange trips – regardless of what dispatching software they use.

Share Trips in Real-Time

Farm out rides to your affiliates, and track the progress from your own dispatch screen. You’ll see the driver’s location, receive updates on status changes, and view a full breakdown of updates made by your affiliate.
New farm in requests will live-update on your dispatch screen, and your affiliate managers will automatically be notified. You can see the full detail of the trip before you accept the job.

Built for Mobile and

Dashride Connect is a platform-agnostic tool for affiliate work.
The affiliate networks integrates seamlessly into Dashride’s powerful automated dispatching, mobile & concierge booking, and corporate features.
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